I love doing volunteer work and believe it is necessary to engage with your community in charitable ways when possible. In the past, I have participated in several food drives and regularly worked with shelter animals (I absolutely adore animals!). Perhaps my favorite volunteer role has been as a Volunteer Presenter with Pathful Connect, an online service that allows industry professionals to connect with educators. These professionals are then asked to present insider information to students about specific careers or workforce skills. In this role, I crafted and designed presentations for 6th -12th grade students on what it's like to be a graphic designer. Additionally, I gave helpful tips on how to find success inside and outside of college. 
This role was very fulfilling for me, as my dream job is to be a teacher or educator of some kind. It is also satisfying to imagine a student being inspired to become a designer like myself! So far, I have reached 200 students across 17 different classrooms across the country. I am hoping to add more! 
Below is a sample of some of my presentations. 

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