Bean Co. Designs is the brand name for the creative output generated by me...Aaron J. Avila. I have always been fascinated and enthralled by art. It has the power to sway hearts and minds, bring people together, cause chaos, start revolutions, and can make people laugh and scream in horror. I love nearly all forms of art. I love reading, writing, listening to and making music, and I am a HUGE fan of films and going to the movies (I enjoy sci-fi, horror, noir, classics). I try to incorporate my passion for these things in all I do. I am incredibly detail-oriented and driven to improve my skills and understanding of how to communicate visually. I believe great design is principled, but dangerous. Functional, yet unforgettable. With their skills and spirit, the designer has to maintain a delicate and capricious balance of chaos and control to achieve success. So let's work together on taking over the world...with great design! 
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