McVey’s Pool Service is a pool maintenance company run by its founder, Ryan McVey. Mr. McVey commissioned Bean Co. to create a logo for his pool service to replace his old, outdated logo. He wanted a logo that was bombastic, eye-catching, and reflected his love for his personal hobby…bodybuilding. The logo needed feature a cartoon caricature of Mr. McVey that reflected his physical prowess and his pool-cleaning services. Here is a brief outline of how I created his new look. 
1. The old, outdated logo that needed to be replaced.    2. Reference images of anatomy and muscles. Including Mr. McVey himself!
3. Sketching helps me visualize ideas quickly and iron out details.    4. The logotype came easy. A strong typeface with aquatic elements and a cool color scheme.
5. Mr. McVey commented that the caricature needed to be more "veiny".    6. Veins were added and muscles were...enhanced. The final render is complete! 
Mr. McVey wanted to see an EXTREME version of the logo. So I cranked everything up to 11 and this is the final result. 
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